Jungalist Massive Lampshade with Fringing


Our Jungalist Massive Leopard lampshade depicts our favourite big cat on the hunt, enveloped in a world of dense tropical leaves, bursting vibrant blossoms and flamboyant birds of paradise.

Take a trip into the dreamlike wilderness of the ANIMALESQUE where you’ll find a psychedelic world of magical creatures, mythical lands of tropical blossoms and a never ending abundance of fluorescent flora.

We’re talking animal madness, trippy colours, and foliage galore; The ANIMALESQUE lampshade collection is here, ready to banish the boring and invigorate your interiors!

The Animalesque lampshade collection is made from heavy weight luxury Italian velvet so not only is it a beauty but it also offers a super soft tactile element.

The Jungalist Massive Leopard lampshades are adorned with 10cm of our glorious decadent fringing. They are also single sided, which means the inside will be a lovely crisp white. When lit, the light will shine through the shade, highlighting the foliage and bringing the leopard to life!

Please note that the measurement does not include the fringing which is an additional 10cm.

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Ceiling, Lamp

Lampshade Dimensions

30cm Diameter x 25cm Height (12" x 10"), 35cm Diameter x 25cm Height (14" x 10"), 40cm Diameter x 25cm Height (16" x 10")