Large Beaker Night Sky Blue


Thrown by hand in clay coloured by cobalt and manganese oxide, each of these Beakers is unique in texture and character while following the same pattern of form and size. Firing at different temperatures creates two distinct colour profiles from the same base clay. The natural, untreated exterior of these beakers is a wonderful texture to clasp as you sip your favourite drink.

Fired to 1200ᵒC, this beaker has an immersive blue interior and deep grey exterior. The internal and external surfaces are dotted with flecks of both light and dark to mimic the nuances of a clear night sky.

All my Home collections are dishwasher safe. Hand washing is recommended for any handmade items. All my Home Collection are designed for hot and cold food and beverages.

  • W 8.5cm
  • H 9.6cm